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The 3 benefits of running

What are the reasons why you started running? Were they to loose weight? Or to get fit?

While running can help you achieve those goals, it can also produce many other health benefits. Isn’t that great! Read on to find out more.

Auckland Half-Marathon

Here are the 3 benefits of running:

    1. Cardiovascular: Probably most commonly known are the cardiovascular benefits of running. Your heart is a muscle, and as such it gets stronger with exercise.  Running is a great way to get the blood pumping through the body more efficiently…and it can also lower your resting heart rate.
    2. Peace of Mind: Whether you experience it as a runner’s high, getting in the zone, or melting away of stress, there’s no doubt that a long run can be meditative. With regular runs, you may find yourself feeling more focused in doing everyday tasks or getting a better night’s sleep.
    3. Slimming: You can put your body in the fat burning zone with long slow runs. Running is a great way to use up excess calories, and when combined with a healthy diet, can help facilitate slimming and weight reduction.
    4.  [Bonus] Whole body workout: Running works your legs (which are the biggest muscle group in your body) and your abdominal muscles. What a great combination!

What I’ve also found is that running gets me outside in nature, which is a bonus anti-stress buster. Over the years I’ve also been able to combine running with travel…recently I learned that there’s a half-marathon race in Hawaii!

Can you think of other benefits? I’d like to hear your comments!

San Francisco Half-Marathon