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Have you tried doing micro-workouts?

Do you ever find yourself waiting for a few minutes here and there? Well you can make use of that precious time and become fitter all at once! And did I mention this can be fun too?

Introducing fun micro-workouts: These are very small workouts when you only have 2 minutes or less.

Consider this, your dinner is heating in the microwave oven and you’re supervising it and counting down the minutes  (as I find myself doing occasionally). The food can heat perfectly fine without you staring at it…so instead while you wait do a micro-workout!

Walk stairs

What I found works for me is lung-walks back and forth across the living room. While my meal heated I was able to squeeze in a few laps.  Here are some other ideas:

  • walk up stairs holding can(s) of soup
  • laps of lung-walks across living room floor
  • calf raise holding can(s) of soup
  • chair dips on dinning room chair
  • squats with a bag of flour

Go on then, get creative, and have fun! And don’t let me catch you staring mindlessly at your food as it rotates around in that microwave oven.

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(other version previously posted April 3, 2017)