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Getting Back in the Game

Re-starting and getting back in the game can sometimes be a scary thing to do. The fear of not being as good as you were before and comparing to one’s former-self can inspire procrastination. This challenge is what I encountered when I set my goal to start running at the beginning of April after taking a break for 1.5 years from running. (The reduced running was because I was intensely focusing on salsa dancing). After a week of procrastination I went for my first run along the Lochside Trail. I found exercising in the sunshine and nature was helpful and inspiring.

Lochside Bridge

The most important thing is to stay focused on your goal of getting back into the game, and go for it no matter what! When you take actions towards achieving your goal, the fears start to melt away. With a little effort soon you’ll enjoy being in the game…and enjoying the post-exercise good feelings and improved health. Also, the next-day stiffness is a good reminder of accomplishment and a job well done! As I was reminded the next day after my run.

Lochside Trail

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Have you tried doing micro-workouts?

Do you ever find yourself waiting for a few minutes here and there? Well you can make use of that precious time and become fitter all at once! And did I mention this can be fun too?

Introducing fun micro-workouts: These are very small workouts when you only have 2 minutes or less.

Consider this, your dinner is heating in the microwave oven and you’re supervising it and counting down the minutes  (as I find myself doing occasionally). The food can heat perfectly fine without you staring at it…so instead while you wait do a micro-workout!

Walk stairs

What I found works for me is lung-walks back and forth across the living room. While my meal heated I was able to squeeze in a few laps.  Here are some other ideas:

  • walk up stairs holding can(s) of soup
  • laps of lung-walks across living room floor
  • calf raise holding can(s) of soup
  • chair dips on dinning room chair
  • squats with a bag of flour

Go on then, get creative, and have fun! And don’t let me catch you staring mindlessly at your food as it rotates around in that microwave oven.

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(other version previously posted April 3, 2017)
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Why would you put that in your recovery smoothie?

Last post you received a tasty smoothie recipe to help you recover after a workout.

Recovery Smoothie

So now you’re going to find why you would want to use those ingredients.


  • Banana: electrolytes Potassium and Magnesium
  • Mixed berries blueberry/strawberry/blackberry: are anti-inflammatory and contain Vitamin C
  • Ground flax seed: contains omega-3 fatty acid which rebuild tissue and also is anti-inflammatory
  • Protein shake mix: delivers amino acids for muscle support (may also have vitamins and minerals)
  • Fresh ginger root: anti-inflammarory and anti-oxidant, promotes good digestion
  • Cinnamon spice: powerful anti-oxidant polyphenol and anti-inflammatory
  • Kale: an anti-oxidant with vitamins, minerals, calcium, and high-fibre
  • Papaya: anti-oxidant, Vitamin C, electrolytes Magnesium and Potassium
  • Water: hydration

So there you go, not only are these ingredients tasty they also serve a helpful purpose…to get your body healing faster so you can feel better and be stronger for your next day of workout or exercise!

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(previously posted April 19, 2017)